Posted by Clint Kilmer
September 16, 2013


A little Perspective

Since I was a child, I had a love of anything Japanese. I grew up with Japanese games, anime, manga, drama, and music. These introduced me to the Japanese culture, which I quickly became enamoured with. I continued to search for anything to immerse myself in this culture, language, and history; anything that would reveal more of this magical place to me. This moulded my younger years and firmly affixed Japan as the number one place for me to travel to some day. In 2010, I was able to take a three-month trip there. I was 21 years old. It was perfect.

For me, this three-month trip to Japan was the equivilent to a walkabout. A journey in which one finds one's self, or some such. From high school, I went straight to post-secondary, and from there I went straight to working full time. We had a successful business for a time, but alas it came to an end two years later. So I had need for a break, I had the money, and I had the time for a three-month journey. In addition, my buddy Miles was currently living in Japan for a year with his japanese girlfriend, Tomoko. I was also able to convince two of my friends and bandmates, Matt and Jen, to come to Japan for two months. The timing was perfect.

So, I reserved an apartment in Tokyo, did more research than I'm willing to admit, and off I went.

This blog will serve as my introverted retrospective reflection of a defining journey in my life. I'm mainly writing this for myself but I figured that I might as well share it.


Contemplating life; near Kamakura, Japan.